Capitalism creates wealth,

Socialism redistributes it.

This decision should be easy.

Things We Must Do To Save Our Country

  • Teach the history of the founding of the United States of America in our public schools.
  • Make sure our government follows the constitution, it is the law, after all
  • Keep our national defenses strong
  • Secure the borders of the U.S. and enforce our current immigration laws
  • Make federal agents follow the law - don't give them exemptions to the law - that should be reserved for war time, if then.

    Flat Tax with No Exemptions - repeal entire current tax code - results in drastic reduction of the size of the IRS bureaucracy and increases revenue, about 12% on income should do it at the Federal level, 12% will yield over $1Trillion

    Eliminate Business tax - Encourages business expansion that creates more jobs. As long as the business does not distribute the money to owners or employees the money can be used to grow the business creating more jobs. Taxing business profits then taxing dividends to investors is double taxation.

    Privatize Social Security - Create a forced savings plan - results in abolition of Medicare and drastic reduction of the Social security Administration, This will remove from our government 2 of the biggest socialist debt creators, saving potentially $1.2 trillion per year in taxes, money that is taken out of the economy and not invested. The money will remain the property of the citizens where congress cannot get their hands on it.

    Remove the Federal Reserve Bank - The interest rate should be determined by the market demand for money. There is no reason for inflation. Congress should be the only entity to print money and spend it into the economy to run the government. Pay off the debt to the bank. No interest charges. Creates wealth in the citizenry. This is the definition of a wealth based system. We are in a debt based system.

    Repeal Affordable Health Care Act completely - it does not fit in with a free market economy, let people have Ben Carson's idea of health care insurance, disaster insurance bought across state lines and a tax free health care savings plan that can be passed on to their heirs tax free.

    Remove authority from the unelected bureaucracy to make new law - this power must be only in the hands of our elected representatives, over-regulation of our businesses stifles their growth and thus the growth of jobs

    Remove all regulations that impede economic growth. Yes, keep the major anti-polution laws that are logical; no waste dumped in rivers, dispose of it properly.

    Give monetary incentives to keep the environment clean.

    Give monetary incentives to government officials to shrink the government - pay department heads huge bonuses from the money they save. They are now paid for increasing their department size.

    Remove or shrink unnecessary or duplicate agencies - EPA, FCC, FDA, Department of Education, … all they do is create more costly regulations.

    Cut government support for able citizens that do not work - encourage individual responsibility.

    Keep government out of business and business out of government.  Remove the ability of business to contribute to political campaigns, otherwise we end up being ruled by businesses instead of our elected representatives exercising our will.

If we give people incentives to start businesses and businesses incentives to grow, jobs will become so plentiful that workers will be in control of their wages. Government has never and will never foresee everything needed to make an economy work. That's the main reason communism has always failed. Let the people do what they want with their money. They always want to make more. That creates jobs for those that are willing to work. If we do all the things listed in this document, there will be jobs for everyone.